Lazy Sunday

Well hello! I hope everyone had a great weekend. This past Friday my new roommate moved in so I am not alone anymore! yay 🙂 Then, on Friday, some people and I watched Step Brothers in my dorm’s lobby. Saturday was pretty chill. I slept in, went for a run and then had lunch with my roomie. Afterward, we were lazy bums and watched Sister, Sister and Bridget Jones’ Diary.






Then we proceeded to do some homework and paint our nails while watching YouTube videos, had a horrible dinner in the union and went to CVS (where I had to put an eyeliner on my card because I didn’t even have a dollar in cash or change… so broke). Fun fun and oh so productive 🙂 Today, a couple friends and myself drove to Ft. Wayne and did a little shopping.


Then, we had dinner at my roommate’s dad’s house and now I am back in my room watching Real Housewives of New Jersey (my guilty

pleasure). Hope everyone had a great weekend and wishing everyone an even better week. Fingers crossed the weekend will get here fast!
















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