Pumpkin-y Sweets


This week has actually been going by very fast. I mean it is already Thursday in less than an hour, which is good because Thursdays are my fav school day (only one class… holla!). I had 2 quizzes today, bio and media literacy, which I was up until 1 last night studying for and so far that has paid off because I got an A on my bio quiz. Yay! I still need to watch 3 movies by next Wednesday though for a media lit. project (cheers to procrastination) so I will be watching one of the options, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World tomorrow while I do my laundry; I’ll let you guys know how it is.










Thanks to my roomie for letting me borrow it 🙂

 Other than homework, I have been busy watching funny SNL skits and Jenna Marbles videos online with my new college friends and have been trying to eat healthier and work out every other day, but I have a crazy urge to bake sweets. I am super excited to head home for the weekend next Friday so I can bake wonderful fall treats, and reunite w/ the fam (shout out to Gran, Dawn, and Bobby… so nice talking to you guys). I cannot wait to see my Momma and animals!!!!! Yayyyyyy!!!!! I am so excited to use the oven too to make yummy pumpkin cookies








and one of the other many recipes I have saved on my iPhone. Seriously, one of my favorite hobbies is going on StumbleUpon and copy and pasting baked good recipes into my phone. Right now I have about 30 recipes that I need to try out 🙂

Anyway, I am off to do some gender studies reading. Hope everyone had a great hump day. Blog ya later 😉





One thought on “Pumpkin-y Sweets

  1. Hi Hannah… congrats on the A and sorry but any procratination genes you have most likely came from granny… that’s why I’m about ten years behind in my life! hope I get some of those pumpkin cookies when you bake them… and can’t wait til you come home! I’ll be doing laundry today also, so we’ll be together in spirit!! have to pay my gas and light bill today or I’ll be beating my clothes on a rock… nipsco is very unforgiving!! haha! it is six thirty here and papa is still sleeping… I think his poison oak? or whatever is starting to clear up… yay! he has a tournament on Sat. and that’s about it for this year! okee dokee sweet girl… have a great day and keep these fun blogs coming… I’m hanging on every word!! haha! love ya, love ya, love ya… granny xoxoxoxo

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