Old Hollywood


Seeing that wordpress is not letting me upload photos or links that I don’t own, this blog post is going to be slightly ho-hum until I have time to figure out what is going on, so this will just be a quick update.

My project for media literacy had me watching movies all weekend. As I said previously, I had to watch “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” and let me tell you, I was not in love with it. Ever since Juno, I have been a big Michael Cera fan, but this movie and its video game elements did not impress me. It did introduce me to a wobderful song though 🙂 It is called Black Sheep by the band Metric, and it is wonderful. I am listening to it right now. 

Next up was “Annie Hall” because I am a huge Diane Keaton fan, and she did not disappoint. She was as quirky and funny as ever, and Woody Allen was crazy and neurotic. I really did like this movie. Plus, it was so cool seeing everything set in the 70s. LA looked awesome back then.

Last but not least, was Hitchcock’s “Rear Window.” I was excited to see this because my mom is a huge Hitchcock fan. I really loved this movie and wish all movies were filmed like this. It was a wonderful story, had wonderful actors, and wonderful background music. And Grace Kelly? BEAUTIFUL. Her outfits were TO DIE FOR. Back then, people were so classy. What happened? hahah

Anywho, I am about to do some homework go to bed. Nighty night!


ps. 6 days until I am reunited w/ Pugs!!!










& Frosty!!!










YAY for animal love ❤

2 thoughts on “Old Hollywood

  1. loved your new short post! I know I’m a copy cat, but I really want my own blog!! loved your comments and reviews of the movies… I have never seen Annie Hall in it’s entirety, so I don’t know why I’m surprised you’d never seen Rear Window (I agree…an incredible movie btw)… your Uncle Mik is another huge Hitchcock fan! middle of the week already but a good thing because it means you’ll soon be home!!!!!!!!!! papa got the brakes fixed (very hard on an old man) so we’re prepared for our little trip to Manchester… can’t wait to see the sites and my sweet girl in her new surroundings!!!! anyhoo…. back to the coffee… love you gobs and tons… granny xoxoxo

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