Oh college!

Ahhhh!!! It is October 🙂 YAY!!!

Don’t really have much to say today other than going home this weekend was nice, just made it hard to come back to school.


but I did. And let me tell you, I really like Manchester. College is very difficult though, and I read through a few “preparing for college” type books, but it is something you have to experience on your own and something that every single student interprets differently. I honestly felt content at MC until I went home and feelings of homesickness and anxiety resurfaced. I ask myself all the time, “Am I cut out for college? Is this the right place for me? Is college worth it? Will I be successful in the long run?”

College is also a scary time because you realize that you are not a kid anymore; I kinda freaked out this weekend when I stumbled upon this realization. My childhood is over, whether I like it or not.







Seems like this was eons ago ❤


I am hoping that this whole college thing is worth it and that my feelings of worry and uneasiness will eventually vanish completely. 


Now off to do some homework (I am a huge procrastinator)….


One thought on “Oh college!

  1. like you said… I think it’s different for everyone… like every other aspect of life, but you have the right attitude about it… kinda live and learn. hope and pray that school gives you what you need to have an easier life. it seems the big winners are the ones that stumble across success in sports or music or doing something silly on youtube, but most of the big winners wind up being big losers!! sad but true! hoping education creates the gradual success that lasts and doesn’t drive one off the deep end!! you have a good head on your shoulders and common sense… something in very short supply these days and that’s a good recipe for success. also… let yourself be a kid now and then… you never lose it inside… ya just gotta let it out sometimes!! haha! loved your blog… love you… stay safe… can’t wait to be there on Saturday!! granny xoxoxoxo

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