Family Weekend

Hello and Happy Saturday!

Right now I am chilling in my room, waiting for my laundry to dry. I just got done hanging up Halloween lights, one of the many awesome things my mom brought me seeing that she came down to MC today 🙂 Not only did my mom drive 2 and a half hours to see me, but she was joined by my grandparents, aunt, uncle, brother and cousin because it was Manchester’s family/homecoming weekend.

Let me tell you it was great to see them (and also great that they drove to me!).

I am so happy and thankful that they are my family ❤

Not only did they all see my room for the first time (except for mi madre) but also saw my campus and got to meet my awsome college friends. 

Now I plan on chilling for the rest of the night because tomorrow is a homework/ pj day. I have to start studying for midterms that are this upcoming week! Midsemester is this Friday, holy guacamole! Good news is I have fall break after to destress from my tests, which means that it is only 6 days until I am reunited with,


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