ahhhh, it’s 2012!

Well long time no speak and Happy New Year (even though it is a few days in)!

I realized that I haven’t posted something in a little over a  month, but that is going to change. Seeing that it is the new year, I have made resolutions and one is to work on this blog and bump it up to the caliber of some of my favorite blogs, like Peanut Butter Fingers (pbfingers.com) and Sweet Tooth Sweet Life (sweettoothsweetlife.com).


Along with working on my blog, I also have a few other resolutions. Now some may argue and say that resolutions are stupid and that you can change at any time, that it being a new year doesn’t do anything, but I have to disagree. I think New Year’s resolutions are great and offer hope to people to change, which is important. If you have resolutions, believe in yourself and just do it! You will feel so proud and accomplished at the end of the year. Remember too that messing up doesn’t have to make you quit you resolution! Just shake it off and start again. 🙂

Now along with resolutions, this new year has already brought some challenges. My school does something called Jan. term which is where you complete one class in 3 weeks straight instead of it taking an entire semester. Because of this, I came back to Manchester yesterday unlike most other colleges which have one more week off before starting their spring semester.  Now Jan Term isn’t the problem, but for some reason, coming back to school was. I have felt so homesick since I have got back, worse than it was when I first moved in in August. I have no idea why but it has been super hard to deal with. The bad thing about Jan term is that it makes it impossible to transfer to a different school so it seems that I am going to have to finish out the end of the year and, if my feelings don’t change, can go somewhere else in the fall.  Right now I am struggling, but I am hoping I can pull through because Manchester is such a great school and I have met so many great people. I know I should be here, and college is supposed to be a learning experience, but I guess it is hard to take the homebody out of me. It is also hard to deal with the realization of being in a transitional period of life right now, where I am not a kid but not an adult. I don’t want to grow up!!!! But I guess we all have to…


Anyway, I keep praying that things look up and 2012 is just a diamond in the rough right now, that it is actually going to shape up into a wonderful year. I hope the same for my readers, too. May 2012 bring you all of the peace, love and happiness in the world.



2 thoughts on “ahhhh, it’s 2012!

  1. wonderful and inspiring words as usual… EMBRACE THEM!!!!! that kitty is so darned cute, too!!! thinking of you every minute sweet girl… hope you’re doing better by now! just remember you can come home at the end of the school year if that’s your choice… ya got options and don’t forget that!!! love ya chunks and gobs and mounds and bushels!!granny xoxoxo

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