Where is the snow?

I bet with the title of this post  you think I miss the snow… but I don’t. This spring weather is wonderful and has definitely helped in pulling me out of my homesick funk, but I do find it strange that it is January and there is no snow. I just hope it doesn’t hit hard when I have to drive home.









Anywho, I am still trying to get back in my routine here at good ol’ Manchester College and am still deciding if I like this Jan. term. I usually like to keep busy because it keeps me distracted and keeps my mind off of things, but this Jan. term allots me with a lot of down time. This is something I probably need at the moment, but I am not really sure how to take advantage of it and relax. Hopefully, I will learn quickly. 


Seeing that it is the weekend, I got to sleep in today and now have plans to work out, get lunch, watch some tv and do some homework. Hopefully I won’t procrastinate by internet browsing, but we all know that seems to be the norm for me. Hope everyone enjoys this beautiful weekend! 🙂


One thought on “Where is the snow?

  1. glad you’re doin’ better sweet girl… I think it’s all that texting with papa!! it makes a person wanna be normal really, really bad!!!! mik, nikki and the children went to see “Hugo”… mik read them the book over the last week or so and they loved it!!!!!!!! I made chilli and uncle jimmy smelled it all the way in schererville and just arrived to have a bowl!! haha! anyhow I’ll be praying for NO SNOW when you are driving home… I’ll do my best!! love ya, love ya, love ya sweet girl!!! xoxoxo

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