So as I sit here painfully procrastinating, trying to get my Words with Friends game on Facebook to work (oh the life of a college student!) I thought I would write a quick post. 🙂

 My friends, family and myself have become addicted to this Words with Friends game, and it is a great, educational way to pass the time, but it makes me worry about board games. I feel like in this age of technology, too many classic things are becoming obsolete. Why not break out the ol’ Scrabble board and play a game with your family? Instead of reading on your Kindle, why not go to the library and get an old paperback? I realize how convenient and wonderful technology is (I am addicted to my iPhone) but I just fear that all of these wondeful things are going to disappear, and the future generation is never going to experience the wonders that a Little Golden Book or the Game of Life Are! I guess this post is a little ironinc considering I am tecnically “journaling” online instead of in a classic diary, but if you read this, try to preserve classics like printed words and board games. They may seem silly, but are very important!

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