It’s freaking February?

Hello and happy February.

I cannot believe that January is over. It seems like it just flew by! Anyway, today marks the start of a new month and a new semester for me here at Manchester. I am currently taking quite a few credit hours and am in the process of rethinking my schedule. I like keeping busy because it makes me feel productive and prevents me from dwelling on other things, but at the same time I really don’t want to get overwhelmed and break down seeing that I haven’t been feeling great these past couple of months. I have some contemplating to do…

I got back to MC yesterday because of our Jan term break. It was so wonderful getting to see my friends and family, but it makes it that much harder to come back to school. Right now I am thinking about what I am going to do after this semester. Will I come back to MC? Will I go to school at home? Will I transfer (I have been thinking about majoring in nutrition, which is not offered here)? Only time will tell. Lately I have just been living by this motto:










Now it is time for me to drink my green tea and Facebook creep until choir 🙂 Hope everyone enjoys this beautiful springlike weather!

2 thoughts on “It’s freaking February?

  1. great blog, as usual… wrote a reply a while ago, looked and it was gone… strange…. anyhoo…. love ya, love ya, love ya!!! planning to come visit at the end of feb. if weather allows… keep your chin up… it’ll be summer before ya know it!! love… love… more love and all good stuff for you sweet girl!! hello to your friends also!! granny xoxoxo

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