I am taking a break from all of this reading I have, or I am going to fall asleep at my laptop.

It is weird to think that I have only been back on campus for a week. Time is so weird here. Anyway, this past weekend was a lot of fun. I interviewed incoming freshmen for scholarships which was very strange considering that I feel like it wasn’t too long ago when I came down for scholarship day. Upon stepping on the campus, I instantly got “the feeling” that this was where I was supposed to go. It has been hard actually being here, but I feel like I am in a good place now.









Me on scholarship day a little less than a year ago.


Time truly flies.


Then on Sunday, my friends and I headed out to Indy to see the Super Bowl village. It was so much fun! I thought for sure it was going to be hectic and stressful, but it was really nice. Indy is a great city, and it makes me want to become a city girl once I graduate. I love all of the hustle and bustle.


















I can’t wait to go back to Indy to visit one of my friends at college!


Anyway, off to finish my homework. Later on I have a few club meetings, then early to bed! Having 6 classes tomorrow is very exhausting.


Happy Tuesday 🙂





One thought on “Indy!

  1. loved your blog, as usual, sweet girl!! look how far you’ve come… from an incoming freshman to interviewing them, from a timid young girl’s first steps to knowing your way around campus and hanging out with good, new friends and even getting together for a little road trip!! keep it up and, God forbid, you could become almost well adjusted!! do it for all of us… CONQUER DISFUNCTIONAL!!!! lol! love ya, miss ya…gettin a little pkg. together this weekend!!! xoxoxo

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