Sunday (not so) fun day

Can I just say how much I dislike Sundays. Why? Because it is the last day before the hectic week begins and the day I usually have a TON of homework to do. UGH! I thought Sundays were supposed to be restful?! At least the Grammy’s are on tonight…. 

Yesterday I went and saw The Vow which was super cute and romantic (my favorite type of movie). I had to post this picture though because this is what I thought the entire movie…



sooooo true. LOVE HIM 🙂


On another note, HOLY SNOW! We didn’t get a ton here in North Manchester, but I was just getting used to the wonderful spring weather. What the heck? Cold = 😦 I guess I would rather have it snow now though instead of in March. Does anyone remember that crazy March blizzard around 10 years ago?? So strange. 


Back to the Grammy’s…. I cannot believe Whitney Houston is DEAD. All of these wonderful music stars dying is so scary. She had such a phenomenal voice, but more than likely her drug addiction was just too severe. So sad. Maybe Dr. Drew could have saved her….



RIP Whitney



I wonder if the Grammy’s are going to put anything together to honor Whitney seeing that she was such a talent and 6 time Grammy award winner. I guess we will see…


Wishing you all a relaxing Sunday! 








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