slightly inappropriate….

Hello! Happy Monday and Happy March šŸ™‚ We are chronologically supposed to be getting closer to spring weather, but with Indiana who knows…



I had a wonderful weekend! My 2 besties came to visit, and it was sooooo wonderful getting to see them! I have missed them so much, and it was so sweet for them to kick off their spring break by spending a weekend with me in North Manchester.

We ate, laughed. watched Old School, cussed like truck drivers, worked out, ate some more, saw Project X and were entirely way too inappropriate. But hey, that’s what best friends are for!




Story of our lives šŸ™‚












Now that my besties have come and gone, a new countdown has begun…


14 DAYS until Florida!!!!

I cannot wait to be chilling on the beach and soaking up the sun with this chica…














but first, school work and midterms. Wish me luck!!!






3 thoughts on “slightly inappropriate….

  1. loved the pix, as usual… glad you had such a great time with your besties!!! wow…. it’s only two weeks til florida?!?! as MY grandma used to day… I’ll be quakin’ in my boots… think that means I’ll be shaking til you’re back home again!! alas, people do these things and although I find it impossible to believe, you WILL be nineteen next month!!! HOW DO WE SLOW ALL THIS DOWN?!?!?! i told your mom you looked so grown up and sophisticated in the picture of you, mandy and kristen… really beautiful, sweet girl!!!!! just don’t get carried away with the ‘skinny stuff’ and keep your head on straight, you are doing a remarkable job of growing up!! proud of ya!! love ya huge, massive amounts and, of course, miss ya!!! granny xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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