Books and Beaches!


Can’t believe that it is Saturday! These weeks seriously go by sooooo quickly. Soon my freshman year is going to be over; I cannot believe it. But first, I have Florida to get to! 9 days!!! 🙂


Ft. Myers baby!!!

Although I have midterms next week that I should be worried about, my friends got me hooked on The Hunger Games books. Now I didn’t know if all the hype about these books was true but let me tell you… AMAZING! I read the first book in one night. I am usually a “I’ll just see the movie” person, but these books are fantastic. The characters are so complex, and the plot is compelling. They are definitely a must read. 


I cannot wait to see if the movie does the book justice. 


In addition to reading until my eyes fall out, I have homework to unfortunately tend to. Yuck! The only thing getting me through is relaxing on the beach…


Enjoy the great weather!


One thought on “Books and Beaches!

  1. soon… very soon til you’re soaking up that florida sun!!!! can’t believe you are nearly done with your first year!!!! been checking our some of that pinterest stuff… loads to look at… and admire… and wish for! nothing wrong with a little escape into fantasy land now and then!! love your blog… you’re becoming my favorite ‘author’!!!! anyhoo… back to the magical world of laundry… WHAT A LIFE!!! love ya great, massive amounts!!! granny xoxoxo

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