Flo Rida

So I have decided I want to live in Florida! After my vacation in Fort Myers, I realized that the weather there is so beautiful and I would be stupid to stay in NW Indiana. I want to live on a beach 🙂

Also, I realized that I really like flying. I was super stressed beforehand but once we were on the plane, I loved it! It was so amazing to be up so high, and it gave me the perfect opportunity to read for fun!

Upon arriving to Florida, we went swimming visited beaches, swam, saw dolphins and most importantly, laid out. I have the burns to prove it. The weather was absolutely fantastic.

Mandy, her mom, her aunt, cousins and myself also went to this amazing pet store with monkeys and lemurs chilling right next to cats and puppies. Only in Florida!

All in all, this was the first time I went anywhere for spring break, and it was perfect. It was just the vacation I needed, and I already wish I could go back. School starts back up tomorrow though. Good (and scary news) is I only have half of a semester left until summer. I can do it!!

Happy Sunday 🙂 Enjoy the wonderful (almost as good as Florida) weather.


One thought on “Flo Rida

  1. another great post from my sweet girl!!! I loved all of the pictures you posted and am thrilled you had such a wonderful time. it is the moments in life that sparkle… that keep us going!! hope your ‘back to school’ is good and just remember it’s almost summer! luvya gobs and tons and heaps and stacks!! xoxoxo

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