ch ch ch ch changes

Well hello there.

I have not posted in what feels like an eternity. I have been soooo busy. School ends in 4 weeks, and I have had a lot to do and will continue to be a busy bee until I have moved home for the summer. But I am very excited to check off -Complete freshman year of college- off of my life checklist. 🙂 yay me!

Since this year is quickly coming to an end, I am about to schedule for my fall semester classes. After talking with my advisor, I realized that I wanted to change (or more like add a few things) to my anticipated degree. Reading fashion/celebrity gossip magazines has been one of my favorite pastimes since… forever. I remember being in 3rd grade and preferring to read J-14 or American Girl Magazine over my AR books. There is something about those glossy pages that I absolutely adore. Because of this, and because of my love for English, I have decided to double major in communication studies and English (writing) with a minor in journalism. Although I am extremely nervous and know how busy this is going to make me, I hope that this college plan will lead me to my dream job of working for E! or Seventeen Magazine. Wish me luck! 

In addition to this academic change, I also changed in the age department yesterday and turned the big 1-9. Oh baby! My last year of being a teenager (I bet my mom feels old haha). Just looking back on this past year, I have realized that I have changed so much, and it has all been positive changes. I am happy and somewhat relaxed for the first time in my life. I have made wonderful friends (and kept close with my best friends from home) with whom I have created wonderful memories with, and I am in great health while attending such a great school (which I am appreciative for everyday) . What more could I ask for?! Oh yeah, Lollapalooza tickets that I received from my amazing mommy and best friend! I cannot wait!!!


Florence + the Machine are going to be there! 🙂

Seeing that this year has been wonderful, I am sad to see it go but am excited to see what my 19th year has to bring. 

Because I was celebrating my birthday, babysitting and performing with Cantabile in Ohio this weekend, it appears that I must turn my attention to my very neglected homework. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful evening (and thanks for reading!).


One thought on “ch ch ch ch changes

  1. I’ve been waiting for this, hannah!! great blog as usual!! when you’re home for the summer, you have to instruct me on starting my own blog!! I haven’t been on fb much lately but I did see all of the great pix you posted… love the one of you and papa… you and the cousins, etc!!! I have club here this coming saturday, so getting the dining room painted was a step in the right direction… just gotta keep going, now!!! this will be the summer of purging… MY HOUSE!!! still intend to come see you at school one more time before you’re off for the summer… love seeing you in your new habitat!!! lol!!!!! anyhoo sweet girl… talk to ya soon… love ya gobs and gobs!!! granny xoxoxo

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