Night terrors and TV, lucky me.

Could this week go any slower? I feel like it is dragging on, and it’s killing me. I need the weekend to get caught up on some homework and, most importantly, spend a lot of time on Pinterest/watching TV. I just discovered the show “Girls” on HBO, and it is GREAT. It was produced by one of my favorites, Judd Apatow, and the main character’s name is Hannah. Judging from last night’s episode, I am pretty sure that this character was based off of my life, except she is 24 in the show. I get to see what I have to look forward to…..


On a totally different note, I have been having NIGHTMARES. bdjhwbvhrbvirbcyq. UGH. I haven’t had nightmares in a few years, and I have had them every night this week. I am tossing and turning all night and wake up in a sweat. Cute, right? What the flip is going on with me!? And these nightmares aren’t about monsters or aliens, they are about scary, very fathomable, real life situations. I don’t like it. AT ALL. I think I need to go back on vacation to Florida……


DE-STRESS TIME. Now who is paying? $$$ 😉


Happy Thursday all.


One thought on “Night terrors and TV, lucky me.

  1. I’d pay if I could sweet girl!!!!!!!! nightmares?!?! what’s that all about? I get BAD ones if I eat right before going to bed!!!! can’t imagine you doing that… it’s obviously some kina stress… end of school year? job hunting? what to do with your summer?… could be a dozen things!! ya need to wind down before going to bed… at least that’s what I’ve always heard. read or watch tv… something tame, of course! anyhow… trying to figure out when we can come see you again… time’s running out… summer is rushing towards us!! soon! love ya sweet girl… miss ya, can’t wait to see ya!!! great blog btw! mounds and tons of love, granny xoxoxo

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