Cause we’re the 4 best friends….

Sooooooooooooooo, it is becoming increasingly hard to be productive when all of my friends from home are done with their first year of college, and I still have 2 more weeks. 😦 I love Manchester but strongly dislike Jan Term for this reason.

On the positive, it is finally warm out again! I got to lay out in the mall and even got some color on my shoulders. Summer is soooooo very close, and I am looking forward to a few months of making money, seeing my friends and most importantly- a break from school work.

But since I have some of thee best friends ever and they cannot wait 2 whole weeks to see my face, they are visiting me tomorrow and staying for the weekend. YAY!!!!

Mand & Stin!


(ps can you say throwback thursday? we look like babies! what a difference a year can make)

Anyway, tomorrow evening they will be getting here, and I am SOOO very excited.

now to get some sleep…


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