The Stress of Growing Up

So today I put on my big girl pants (or polka-dotted dress) and went to The Times office to job shadow. It seems that since I was a pre-teen reading J-14 or YM I have wanted to work for a magazine. As you all know, I am in love with anything fashion related, and although working for Seventeen isn’t as noble as joining the Peace Corps. or spending my life being a doctor in a third world country, this dream job of mine is what I believe would make me the happiest. And as we all know…





Although I have these aspirations of living in a big city and working for some wonderful television company or magazine, I know that there is a plan for me, which may or may not end in me achieving these particular dreams. I am very uncertain as to where my life is supposed to go right now. All I know is that discovering who I am meant to be is going to require a lot of trial and error and daily prayer, but I have faith that I am going to find where I belong in this world. I am confident that I have a lot to offer; I just wish my 19 year old self knew where I was supposed to go! Whoever said there was fun in discovering who you’re supposed to be was wrong (in my opinion). I just feel stressed….

2 thoughts on “The Stress of Growing Up

  1. luv it hannah!! had a big long response typed in here and managed through my ineptness to lose it!! mainly it said… don’t stress… relax and enjoy exploring who you are and what you want!! I agree with whoever said… ‘it isn’t the destination, it’s all about the journey! make yours a good one!!! love ya sweet girl… proud of you, too…. granny xoxoxo

  2. love it, hannah!! you are an incredibly wise girl for only nineteen years and you are charting your course for a life that makes you happy and that, too, is wisdom beyond your years!! the important thing is not to let it stress you… just relax, go with the flow and let yourself enjoy the ride!! I really believe that life is not as much about the destination as it is the journey!! each new thing you try, each new lesson you learn is another piece of the puzzle that is you and in my estimation it just gets better and better!!! stay on the path and never lose your direction!! love you bunches sweet girl… proud too… granny FOUND IT!!!!!!!!

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