My, how times have changed

So the other day I was sipping my coffee, pondering life (because I am oh so philosophical),and I was thinking just how much times have changed and how different my life is from that of my grandparents’. 


Back in the school age days of my granny and papa, it wasn’t all that common to go to college. I don’t even think many graduated high school. Most went off to find decent jobs that allowed them to support their families, and if you went to college, you probably were guaranteed a spot in the upper class..

Now it seems as if college is the end all be all, and that doesn’t even guarantee a successful future. In fact, many students are just pursuing higher degrees so they can put off paying their loans. I keep rethinking my career path because I want to make sure I am able to graduate, find a job, and take care of myself. It is scary to think that I could graduate college and have to work at Starbucks or something because I have nowhere to go.

Family & Relationships


My grandparents met when they were 14, and married shortly after. My grandma had my mom before she was 20. They will be celebrating their 50th anniversary next May. 

I am already 19 and have yet to be betrothed, let alone in a serious relationship. The thought of having a child right now leaves me panic stricken, due to the many episodes of Teen Mom I have watched. And, much to the dismay of my grandpa, I don’t even know if I want to get married…

Maybe it’s because women are becoming increasingly independent, or as my pessimistic side sees it, the world is becoming increasingly more populated by selfish tools, that my family values have changed from that of my grandparents’. I don’t know if this a good or bad thing, just very different. 

Like I said, by my age my granny was married with a child. If I baby sit for more than 3 hours I am ready to pull my hair out. I could NOT be responsible for a little baby right now. 


There is a plethora of other obvious ways that my life differs from that of my grandparents’ lives, but I feel like I have mentioned the most significant, and in addition to writing this to express my thoughts, I partially wrote this post so my papa realizes just how much times have changed and that it is completely normal for me to not have met the infamous “love of my life” just yet…

I swear he believes I am going to end up as a spinster cat lady.




Is it bad that I don’t see anything wrong with this picture? She is living the dream. 

2 thoughts on “My, how times have changed

  1. omg hannah!!! I’m flattered that papa and I are such a huge part of this blog, but I’m not quite sure the way WE started out was ‘normal’ for those times… we’ve always been a little different at best!!! I do see major evolution generation by generation and your point is very well taken!! praying that your education brings you everything good in life and thanks for the belly laugh at your impression that papa thinks your destiny is to be a ‘spinster cat lady’… I friggin’ laughed out loud!!! papa would be whistling a different tune if you chose to be with someone… he’d pick the guy apart piece by piece and there is no way anyone out there’d be good enough for YOU !!! he’s a strange man, your papa… but we love him!! hahaha!!! xoxoxol

  2. Hannah, What a sweet story! really enjoyed reading it! I Love your granny, My dear sister & have to get over to see her soon!! God Bless ❤

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