crazy random stupid thoughts

Hi. This post is going to be totes random because I feel like I need to post but don’t have anything deep and meaningful to discuss. I am just going to blame that on being a SOL for the freshmen class and starting classes this week. Exhaustion is a believable excuse for introspective thoughts to vanish, right?



I really really really just want to shop. If anyone knows of a career where I would get paid to shop, please let me know and I will love (and bake goodies for you) forever. I am serious.

Fall is coming up and it is my favorite season to shop for. Boots, sweaters, scarves, tights… I LOVE IT ALL. Right know I really want to get some kick ass studded boots. The kind of boot that I could wear with jeans and a leather jacket, but also make it look precious with a dress and tights.  Like these,











In addition to these boots, I would like to purchase a really cozy cardigan. Like grandma, thrift store style.


I don’t really know what else I want, I just know that my closet looks sad and I want to fatten it up. 🙂


French toast…


That is what I want right now (I told you this was going to be a random post). I also want said toast to be 0 calories because a scale and I almost got into a fight today. Hey scales, F off! Nobody likes you.


I am peeved that it is supposed to be 91 degrees tomorrow for 2 reasons. 1) I want it to be chilly so I can go get a carmel apple spice from Starbucks and wear my boots. 2) -and this is this more important reason I am ticked- I think it being 91 degrees in late August means we are killing our planet. Cough *Global warming* cough.


Random side notes:


1) I feel like I need to add a class this semester because I am taking less credit hours than I normally take, but I really just want to have a chill semester and don’t want to spend more on textbooks. But I don’t feel like myself if I am not super busy/stressed/ overwhelmed/cursing school every minute of the day.


2) I can vote this year (OBAMA 2012) but am annoyed because I have to figure out how to vote when I reside in CP but am in North Manny for school. ugh. registering to vote was enough effort, now I have to fill out an absentee ballot? Jeeze ‘Merica, could you make it easier for me to help in choosing our country’s leader? k thanks.


Seriously, this post was what it is like in my brain. Random shit compiled together. Most of it being super unimportant. And with this thought-provoking post, I’ll leave you with this…













yeah, according to E!,  Honey Boo Boo had more viewers than the broadcasting of the Republican National Convention.


2 thoughts on “crazy random stupid thoughts

  1. your brain must secretly function like mine!!!!! love your crazy post… this was the most ‘YOU’ one yet!!!! and I’m with you… autumn is where I wanna be, too!!! soon… soon…
    love ya sweet girl, can’t wait to see ya this weekend!! 🙂 xoxoxo

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