I am lame.

Let me just say that I am soooo thankful it is Friday. This week went by so slowly. I didn’t think I was going to make it. I am glad to report that I did and am now spending this rainy, crappy day just like I wanted to, in sweatpants with no plans 🙂 Sometimes I just need alone time to watch tv, read or think by myself. I think it is good for the soul. Don’t judge me. I am pissed to report that I actually braved the storm with the intention to go to CVS and buy the new Glamour, then subsequently read that while eating kettle corn. Well, that awesome plan was cancelled upon finding out that N. Manny’s CVS is not up to date on their magazines… ughhhhh. It is times like these I miss being home and having 7 Walgreens to visit within 2 miles of my home.











I need you, Glamour.












So since I couldn’t leave the store empty-handed (that would just be rude and extremely un-American of me), I purchased milk and cereal to eat this weekend because lately absolutely nothing my school offers has sounded appetizing. Yay college.


On a serious note, while driving home I was thinking how life events can shape people completely differently and was wondering why that is. My brother and I are only 15 months apart and were raised together, i.e. we both dealt with the same family drama bullsh*t. But for some reason, Jake and I have become opposite ends of the spectrum. Said brother doesn’t want to drive, work, go to school, or be independent. I have had a job since I was 14, started driving the minute I could, busted my butt in high school and am now away at school, double majoring in efforts to make my life one full of successes. We both experienced the sadness and difficulty that came with my parent’s divorce and my mother’s resulting venture into single parenthood. Why is it that we turned out so differently then? Why doesn’t he want to strive to make a better life? I cannot think about it too much because it makes me frustrated/saddened/annoyed all at the same time, but I just wish there was an explanation. I am not saying that he needs to be more like me because Lord knows I have a multitude of flaws and problems myself, but I wish he expressed some type of work ethic. Is it because I am a girl and am automatically more apt to plan for the future while guys live in the moment? Is it because the drama made me take on an adult role sooner whereas he is clinging to a lost childhood? All I can think is that maybe this is a rebellious phase that he needs to get out of his system, but it worries me. My brothers and I fight but I truly wish them success. Hopefully, he will realize that is what he wants soon, too…

Noah, me and Jake 2009




One thought on “I am lame.

  1. I came in here to read your blog as soon as we hung up… great as usual! yes, jake has some issues right now, but it may all be related to being eighteen and trying out his ‘adulthood’!! anyway, hopefully, you’ll have time next weekend to give me a crash course on blogging!! I’ll have a pad and pencil handy!! can’t wait til your home again… love ya chunks… granny xoxoxo

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