Sorry, I am lame. Therefore, this post is short….

It has been almost a month since I last wrote something, and since insomnia has returned, I figured why not start back up.

First of all, it is October. What the what? Where did this year go? Weren’t we just ringing in 2012? gahhhhh. too fast.


Second of all, I think school should be called off from the time the leaves start changing until they start growing back green. It’s called hibernation people. We are mammals. All we should be doing right now is eating a lot and getting ready for a nice long sleep. Everything else is unimportant.










Except TV watching. I am loving new fall shows this year, ESPECIALLY The Mindy Project. I love that comedic women are appearing more and more i.e. Zooey Deschanel and Lena Dunham. I also love that they look like normal, beautiful women and not twigs. Yay for realistic role models!










I really want to work in entertainment. I could write for these shows!


But right now my motivation is lacking and trying to reach my goals seems too daunting and scary. Maybe I’ll just browse Pinterest and eat string cheese instead. Much more doable.



One thought on “Sorry, I am lame. Therefore, this post is short….

  1. great as usual sweet girl!!! read your articles in your school paper, too… staff writer!!! I AM impressed!! your aunt dawn read them this morning, too… loved ’em!! I read them to papa also and he is a fan as well!! don’t wanna diminish your latest blog with talk of your other accomplishments, tho!! I really, really enjoyed it!!! by the way…. I think the bear’s butt is exactly the size of my own… just sayin’ love ya sweetness, have a great day and try to catch a nap… kind of incremental hibernation!! lol!!

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