oh hey freezing weather…

Ok, hi November. Nice of you to be so freaking cold…

But really, I am thankful for just dealing with the body numbing cold when I know people on the East Coast are dealing with far worse. Prayers for them.

And if you’re feeling super generous, you should click on the link below and donate:




Anyway, I don’t really have much to say. I have been surprisingly productive this morning having worked out, showered, blow dried AND straightened my hair, worked, submitted applications and did laundry already, so yay me. I am sure I am going to need caffeine later because I feel a crash coming on but other than that, I am at a loss for words. All I can say is that I am ready for Thanksgiving,  break and a new semester completely.









Really I am just ready to be done with school and have a house which I can decorate for the holidays. Can we fast forward to 2015?















One thought on “oh hey freezing weather…

  1. hi hanny…
    yeah…. I’d like to ‘holiday’ in that house, myself!! can’t believe thanksgiving is in a matter of weeks… I am ALWAYS so unprepared!! lucky you are organized… never could get a grip on that lifestyle!!! It’s cold here also, but they are saying sixties for this coming weekend… it’ll probably snow… I have no faith in the weatherman!! have been on facebook hardly at all… it seems so boring of late!! next good stretch of time you have at home, gotta get ya over here and teach me some computer stuff, I’ll take notes… literally!! soon as I get two nickles to rub together I’ll get a little pkg. off to you!! these ARE hard times for sure!! I do, however, have no shortage of love for you!!! you should feel it in the air!! haha!! love ya huge quantities… miss ya, too!! tell that mandy girl ‘hi’ and have a super day!!! xoxoxo granny

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