Why I couldn’t be the President.

So I just spent like 20 minutes working on a post to have it disappear so I am going to summarize and get my point across quickly due to extreme annoyance. Bear with me.


Ok, so Happy Election Day! Wooooo! Yay Americans for getting the right to vote. We should use this freedom and right and be so thankful.

Now that I stated that, I am not going to spend this post trying to persuade people to vote one way or another, but just to point out how grateful I am that there are people in this world who actually WANT to be the President of the United States. Yeah, I want to change the world for the better, but the idea of being Commander-in-Chief makes me want to puke a little. Being the President is thee most stressful job. Period.

1)Worrying about an entire country day in and day out is extremely tiring. Having many people from said country hating you for your beliefs? Awful.

2)Working with stubborn, crotchety people who will stop your actions just because they don’t like you and cannot compromise? worst. coworkers. ever.

3) Feeling as if you can never get your head above water? (i.e. natural disasters like Sandy that come out of nowhere…) Call me crazy but I would like a job in which I feel like I am constantly making progress, not consistently being set back. I mean, how discouraging?

4) Did I mention Stress? Look how much worrying has affected Obama in the past 4 years.














What happened to youthful, vivacious Barack? This is not healthy….


5) The idea that I could never just relax and go to a coffee shop without security detail…Ew.

6) Living in the White House has to be cool, but extremely creepy…. It is an old place that has seen the Bush Family, Clinton, etc. If walls could talk…


All kidding aside though, mad props to people who actually pursue public office. Although I fear that some people do so to make themselves feel bigger and powerful (compensating for extreme lacking in other areas), it is a job that requires A LOT. And is a job that I could never handle.


So good luck to whoever wins tonight.  I hope that he truly cares about the world and remembers to fight for everyone.

I also hope that he doesn’t care about severe aging…



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