I am the definition of exciting.

You guys I have a problem.

Well a plethora of problems actually, but I am only going to focus on a few tonight. You are welcome.


First, I am a young, college female and I am spending Saturday night in, wearing Uggs, sweats and painting my nails. Honestly, my youth card should be revoked. I do not deserve it if I am leading this uneventful of a life. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I am about to listen to Rod Stewart’s Christmas album and browse Crate and Barrel’s website, pining over things I would love for my future home. Mom, are you sure I was born in ’93? I think I have the soul of a 55-year-old, spinster, cat lady. Put me in the nursing home now.













Ready for the second problem? no? That’s ok. I am still going to tell you.


In addition to having the vivaciousness of a nightstand, I also am suffering from 0% productivity. It is bad y’all. The only thing I do is sleep and am seriously questioning just how bad it would be to be a mail-order bride. THIS ISN’T GOOD. Schoolwork has made me want to become a housewife?! No. Not okay.

If I was a freaking bear, I could just hibernate and start fresh in the spring but NOOOOOO. Of course that isn’t socially acceptable for human beings. I hate America.

For now, I am going to continue to do anything and everything that isn’t my homework.

I am running out of options though and would appreciate suggestions.


I hope  and pray that your Saturday is more eventful than mine (cause if not, you are in baddddd shape).



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