Holy Finals Week, Batman!

It is here! It is here! Finals week is here!













I know that many are stressed out, but my hardest work is behind me. I wrote my essays (which was a painstakingly awful process that made me want to gouge my own eyes out) and now feel like I can breathe. Yes, I am going to study, but I feel well prepared. I go to classes, I listen, I participate, I do my homework. What else can I do? In fact, I was able to watch some Christmas movies this week and sleep… a lot. I see that as a gift to myself for finishing yet another semester. 3 down, 5 to go!

As I look back on this semester, I am proud at how much how I worked while being a student. Although I don;t have the ability to save my money, I feel good knowing I was able to support myself while here.  I did realize that I need more classes to keep me busy, though. It seems that I am most productive when I am slightly overwhelmed. It helps me combat my procrastination. Spring semester I am signed up for 18 credit hours. Let’s see if my theory is true.


Although I am not in the holliest and jolliest of moods, I am ready to go home and destress. I am worried about buying presents, but I have realized that my family doesn’t expect anything out of me. They know I am in school and am doing everything I am supposed to be doing and it feels good to finally realize that they are proud of me.


As for Christmas, there are many material things that I want, but I am honestly just happy to be healthy and alive. I know I can complain and be upset like a lotttttt, but after my whole tumor scare, I realized that there is NOTHING more important in this world than being alive and well. That mixed with my friends, family, pets, brain and sense of humor, I would have to say I am pretty blessed.


But if someone feels the ABSOLUTE need to buy me something materialistic and cannot be swayed otherwise, I would not be opposed to these















Why this man looks so angry while wearing the warmest, most glorious pajamas in the entire world beats me…

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