So in the past three days I have baked dozens of cookies from scratch while listening to Christmas music to try and get into the holiday spirit. Well, it isn’t working. I don’t have any children, but I cannot stop crying over the little babies who lost their lives in the Newtown shooting. It sick and sad and the worst part? It is unable to be explained. What drives a person to do that? How awful was he feeling? Could it have been prevented?


These things will never be answered.


Instead this horrid tragedy needs to be a spark that lights a movement. These violent events should not happen. This country is supposed to be advanced, full of freedom and opportunity. We need to get back to focusing on people and not things. Humans are crumbling right in front of us. This way of life cannot go on.


The only reassuring thing to come out of this tragedy? Those babies are in a much better place. ❤

One thought on “angels.

  1. so sad, I cannot even think about it!! we need to count our blessings and love and appreciate each other unconditionally!!
    love ya!! granny xoxoxo

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