Self love

As I sit here wearing 85 layers because my mom keeps the house at sub-zero temperatures, I must say that I am very content. My dog is snuggled up next to me. I had a great Christmas spent with my crazy family. I have gotten to see my best friends. I have been able to relax to the point where I am excited to go back to school and work and learn. I cannot complain.

The one blemish this break has brought though has to do with my weight. Because I am home, I do not have a gym at my disposal. Because it is the holiday season, I might have consumed one too many sweet treats. Because it is break, I have had a LOT of free time.

Ever since I lost weight, I now OBSESS over what I am eating and am constantly weighing myself and hating myself. I don’t think I am good enough or pretty enough or thin enough.

I realize that this is not ok. I realize that I need to love myself and recognize how far I have come.









Summer 2011












Autumn 2012

I guess I am writing this partly as a reminder to myself that I am healthy and beautiful and partly as a reminder to anyone that there are so many more important ways you can spend your time rather than hating yourself and worrying about body image.


For example, the snowflake project for Sandy Hook:

Snowflake Project for Newtown, Connecticut

I recently received an email from a blog reader named Erin who passed along the following information to me about a “Snowflake Project,” an easy way to give back and hopefully bring a smile to the faces of the students who attend Sandy Hook Elementary School when they return to school after the holidays.

According to Erin, Sandy Hook Elementary will no longer be used and the students will now attend a new school. The teachers of the area are asking people to make and decorate snowflakes that will then be hung in the hallways of the new school. They do not want any words on the snowflakes, and are hoping for cheerful, happy (glitter & sparkle) snowflakes for the students to see when they enter their new building.

When sending your snowflakes, please include a note about where they are from (school, class, town, state) to display along with your snowflakes. Hopefully we can bring a smile to the faces of these students!

Please send to:

Connecticut PTSA
60 Connolly Parkway, Building 12, Suite 103
Hamden, CT 06514


Consider this my 2013 resolution (just a few days earlier).

From here on out I am hoping to gain confidence and self-appreciation.


And I hope that you love yourself, too!

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