Unlucky 13? I don’t think so…










So I am cheesy in the sense that I love the clean slate and freshness that a new year brings. I am also unoriginal in the sense that I will be posting, on New Year’s Day, my list of resolutions. I hope y’all are interested…


2013 Resolutions


1)      Continue with eating healthy and exercising. I feel so much better when I am putting nutritious things in my body and am working out. I only get one body and need to treat it well. I will have more energy upon doing so, too.

That being said, I need to remember that I can eat junk every now and then and I don’t have to beat myself up for it. As long as it is done only on occasion, it is OK. The point of life is to be happy and sometimes you just need a piece of cake.

2)      In addition to health, this year I am going to focus on loving myself. No more calling myself names, beating myself up, and being super self-conscious. No. It is not allowed. I am not ugly. I am not a whale. I am me, and that is absolutely perfect. I cannot continue to treat myself this way because it negatively affects everyone around me.

3)       I have always worked hard, but this year I am really going to bust my butt and focus on the future. I want to live in the city. I want to work in entertainment, whether that is writing for a TV show, writing for a magazine or working at E! I need to do things that will eventually get me to this place.

This cannot be done obsessively though. I must remember to live in the moment and enjoy every day. Some things happen when you least expect them, but I will actively strive to achieve my dreams.


In addition to these big 3, I must remember to:

-be a great daughter, sister, friend and citizen

-devote time to religion

-write down something that I am thankful for everyday

-always give 110%

-laugh always


I am keeping optimistic thoughts that 2013 is going to be wonderful.

I also pray that your resolutions come true and together, in this year, we might make the world a kinder place.



One thought on “Unlucky 13? I don’t think so…

  1. great resolutions, sweet girl!! I never make mine til later in the month, it’s a new year and I don’t wanna stress myself right off the bat!!! besides, I’m a little tired today because ushering in the new year left me a little short of my usual eight or nine hours of sleep and I’m just a little foggy today!! that’s one of the disadvantages of being older!! heard you’re leaving in the morning to go back to school…. be very careful and take your time. now I’m already looking forward to your next break at the end of january and praying for good traveling weather!!! you GO girl, if you work at it you can be whatever you wanna be!!! love ya chunks!!!! granny xoxoxo

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