IMPORTANT- READ (just kidding. This post is me rambling.)

What do I like to do when I want to procrastinate from homework? Blog, of course!

But seriously, Jan Term should be simple. It is only one class for 3 weeks. Mine should be even easier because we only meet in class on Thursdays and Fridays. Boyyyy was I wrong. This is a 400 level comm class, and it is no joke. My break activities of sleeping, baking, eating what I baked, sleeping again and occasionally showering and putting on something other than nasty sweats I have had since the 6th grade definitely did NOT prepare me for the abundance of hard, time-consuming work I would need to do. Even though I am a comm major, this Rhetoric of War class is hard for me. The concepts are foreign and complex ,and although I hate to admit it, when something does not come easily to me, I kind of get pissed and give up. I know that is like a really bad trait, but I hate having to spend more than like a half hour on homework. Anything longer than 30 minutes and I get bored, frustrated, and on the verge of quitting school… which makes me wonder what in the heck I smoked when I thought it would be a good idea to take the practice GRE.

Let’s review. I don’t like spending a crap ton of time on out of class work. I don’t really now how to study. And I would rather be checking my twitter feed than sharpening my academic skills. Yep, grad school sounds like the perfect choice for me. More time in school. Just what I dream about.


I am kidding. Grad school sounds like a terror. And to get into the grad school I want would require some GRE prep. hahahahah. If it isn’t stalking Ryan Gosling or online fashion blog reading, I am not interested. UGH. Why can’t someone just recognize my funny yet smart-assy personality and make me famous. Don’t tell me I couldn’t entertain as well as the facking Kardashians. PUH-LEASE.

*if anyone in the entertainment world reads my blog, give me a chance. seriously. school is for losers.

** if said entertainment person is Lena Dunham, Tina Fey or Andy Cohen, I’ll freaking clean your toilets with a toothbrush just to get out of North Manny and merely be in your presence. TAKE A CHANCE ON ME. YOUR TOILETS WILL BE SO SPOTLESS.

One thought on “IMPORTANT- READ (just kidding. This post is me rambling.)

  1. you have gobs of personality… you and entertainment were meant for each other!!!! have to disagree, however, that school is for losers… note worthy even tho I know you’re kidding!! anyhoo…. can’t wait til you’re home again… love when we’re all together!!!!!!!!!! call me… I don’t have ‘textability’!!! lol!! love ya sweet girl… great blog!! xoxoxo

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