I miss 2004.

So since I don’t think that I am currently in a proper emotional state to delve into part 2 of my dating diaries (i.e. insight into my hot mess of a life), I figured I would discuss simple, uncomplicated, neutral topics. I promise that my next post will be full of topics that will a) leave you feeling WAYYYY better about your life b) provide you with plenty of material to judge me with and c) both a &b.

As for those neutral topics, the best way I see organizing them is in a list. Oh, and when I say “neutral topics” I mean things that have absolutely no importance yet are captivating my brain waves currently.

1) I am listening to Michelle Branch right now and can I just say that she is phenomenal. That being said, what the hell happened to her? I mean her songs were my elementary school jamz, and when her song “Goodbye to You” played in the limo of the prom episode of Laguna Beach, I almost peed out of excitement. So, like, Michelle needs to come back and make some wonderful music. And, if Michelle is going to come back, I guess I need some more Laguna Beach in my life, too. Jesus, the early 2000s were good.

Michelle Branch








Laguna Beach







remember Lauren Conrad when she wasn’t a cool designer and was just a teen with horrid hi-lights and the nickname LC? or Kristin Cavallari before she birthed the son of Chicago Bears’ embarrassment, Jay Cutler? #retroMTV

2) I have been drinking green tea multiple times a day in efforts to boost my metabolism and be healthier. Yeah, I sweeten it with honey and a splenda but whatever. If my metabolism doesn’t kick into high gear soon I am going to be PISSED. That is all.


3) Spring semester started Tuesday. Manchester can be pretty cool, but I do have some complaints. First of all, I wish that some cooler classes were offered. I know some schools have History of Rap, Lady Gaga and Harry Potter courses. How cool would that be?! I know we are a place of higher education, but I feel like courses about pop culture can be informative and relevant. Maybe someday… Second(ly?), North Manny needs to be revamped. The 4 fast food places, CVS and grocery store are NOT cutting it. I am not saying we need to build a Six Flags but a Panera Bread, movie theater, B Dubs, etc. would be so splendid. 🙂

If I am being honest, this list could go on for days which would result in you and me clawing our eyes out, so I guess I will leave it with those three. Like I said before, this post is dumb but talking about my eternal singledom just did not sound cool tonight for fear of being laughed at, but I mean I just typed up a post about green tea and Laguna Beach. So, yeah. There’s that. This is my life. God help me.


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