My First Published Rambling as a 20 year old!

Hi. Hello. How ya doing?


I have been away from the blogging world for what seems like an eternity: 2 WHOLE MONTHS. Did you guys miss me? Who am I kidding, I know you did.


So what have I been doing? Oh you know, the usual. Being a student. Working. Working out. Watching TV. Reading blogs. Keeping up on my pop culture. Everything that is important.


While I was away from me blog, I hit a milestone in my life. I turned 20.

I know. No longer can I blame bad life decisions on being a teenager. Nope. I am now like an adult. Believe me, panic attacks were had. I read articles about young women my age or younger doing things like inventing prosthetic limbs or traveling to Ghana to get orphans healthy. I know young women who have dealt with serious medical issues and have rebounded, stronger than ever. I know of people my age who have been to multiple countries. You want to know what I did in twenty years? NOT THAT. I can rattle off a celebrity’s baby’s name in a heartbeat. I can whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. I can recite The 4o Year Old Virgin line by line. Although I know these skills are super impressive, they sure as hell can’t go on a resume or make my future memoir a best seller. So, what did I decide to do once the realization that I am a complete and utter loser faded?  I decided to make my twenties AMAZING. Can I tell you how well that is going?


I decided that I was going to use my twenties to be secure in myself. HA. HA HA HA. I am a mess, y’all.


For the gazillionth time, I was sitting in my room feeling lonely, not embracing that single girl swag like I should be and instead hating on myself. But just a few hours ago, something hit me. I don’t know if the answer I was looking for was hidden in the cake that I devoured earlier or what, but it dawned on me. I have been looking and praying and hoping for a soul mate. Someone to love me unconditionally. Someone to think I am the bee’s knees, and guys, I finally realized I have that.

There aren’t many people in this world that can say that they have best friends. There especially aren’t that many that can say they have had some of the same best friends since first grade, but I have that.

I mean, I know I am blessed when it comes to friends, but I guess I realized just how loved I was on my birthday. Some of my best friends are not on my college campus, yet they still made sure to go out of their way to make me feel loved and special. Even more, their families made sure I knew how much they loved me. That is something so unique and special and I just can’t believe that I get to experience that. I have a few best friends that would do anything for me, that I can call whenever and dump all of my problems on, and any time I am sad, I need to remember that. Although I have been searching for this Hollywood notion of the knee-weakening, firework inducing romantic love, I have something better. I have love that is good for the soul. I have friends in my life who have loved me unconditionally and will continue to love me. Friends who don’t judge me or critique me. Friends who make my life better and hold pieces of my heart. And, while I don’t know if I will ever find that one man for me, I do know that I am loved. My friends are my soul-mates and to them (and to God), I am forever thankful.

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