an unfortunate truth

It is unfortunate that one of the very few certainties in life is that we won’t live forever. We live in a world full of turmoil, constantly stressing about things that, when faced with losing someone, seem so stupid. It is shame that we aren’t truly enveloped by this idea that we only are here for one lifetime until the mortality of someone close to us is slapped in our face.

Now some people may hold the belief that when we pass, our true self, our soul, is taken to a place of non-suffering, and that in itself is extremely comforting. It does not erase the miserable, unfairness of it though, especially when someone so young is taken. Death causes a chain reaction. It hurts the people immediately close to the soul that has left, but also affects the people in the second ring, those who are close to said family or friends. It is a miserable thing to not be able to fix something. There are things in life that only time can heal, but that makes a person feel helpless. Eventually though, the wound starts to close and your heart starts to mend, but you are never truly the same; how could you be? 

There is no explanation as to why a person leaves us, especially when a person is so incredibly young. I like to think that is because God needed them to be an angel more than the people on Earth needed them. No matter what though, mortality is something that is very real and something that draws on all of one’s emotions, yet it teaches us to live to the fullest everyday. When it is your time to go, you will have wished you loved as hard as you could and did something that made you feel whole, because every life is worth something extraordinary. 


Rest in peace, Joe

My heart is with all who loved and cared for him. 

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