Happy Tuesday

I am convinced spring isn’t coming. Like, 100% sure of it. We are going to have all of this snow and then it is going to melt and we are going to need an ark because we are all done for. Just kidding. Kind of. Sorry to be pessimistic.


I will not complain about the sunshine though. I think I needed Vitamin D in a bad way because my mood has definitely been lifted. I am in a good place. I am content.


Because I have nothing exciting to share, I thought I would list some things that I have been loving lately:


1)  This movie was on Netflix, and it was SO good. One of the nest movies I have seen in awhile. It is so real. I laughed. I cried. I thoroughly enjoyed the soundtrack. There is at least one character in the movie everyone can relate to. I highly recommend it.














2) Rudi’s Gluten Free bread is my new love. I have had stomach issues for awhile and finally decided to follow in my housemate’s footsteps and give up the gluten. I feel a lot better. Plus, I am not having carb withdrawals because this stuff is good. Cinnamon raisin is my ish.

gluten freeee











3) JOHN LEGEND. I am in love with him, and get to see him in Indy on May 9th! I really hope his wife comes too because she is hilarious and I feel like we would get along. Follow her on twitter @chrissyteigen if you like animal photos and food.

j leg











Random I know, but I felt like I needed to write a  post. Off to work now. Happy Tuesday.



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