Survey Sunday- Part 4

I am not dead.


I know I disappeared for 2 months but with reason. I finished my junior year of college, got mono (i.e. worst thing I have experienced ever), moved to a new house in North Manny for my senior year (!!!), and went back to work as the orientation assistant. All of my free time has been spent sleeping, watching TV, seeing people, and sleeping. A LOT of sleeping.


I missed blogging though, so I thought I would ease back into it with a survey. I know- I am sure you are super excited to read 😉 Well, here goes nothing-


Name Your Favorite…

Person: Ummmm, people are my favorite in general and i don’t know If I can pick a favorite. So I am not going to. Let’s just say I am blessed to have an excess amount of great people in my life that make me happy.

Color: PINK! I also own way too many clothing items in black and gray.

Food: Peanut butter. Cereal. Breakfast food in general. American cheese. Kraft Deli Deluxe to be precise. 

Smell: Fresh, clean sheets and blankets. Coffee. Cookies baking. The crisp smell in the air during the fall. Minty things. 

Book: I read The Bell Jar this past semester and reallllyyyy liked it. I also love anytime a female comedian writes a book, for example, Tina Fey’s Bossypants and Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

Movie: The Devil Wears Prada. The Incredibles. The Wedding Singer. The Batman trilogy. 

Time of day: The morning. I love sitting in my pajamas, sipping coffee, reading my blogs, and having the entire day ahead of me. 

Day of the week: I like Friday nights, especially during the school year. It is the first time all week that I can usually breathe.

Things to do when bored: Pinterest. Eat. Buzzfeed. Eat. Creep on social media. Work out (although usually napping wins). 

Celebrity: Meryl Streep! I LOVE MERYL. Alsooooo- Lauren Conrad, Ryan Gosling, and my bae- Rachel McAdams.

Drink: COFFEE. Water, Dark Chocolate Almond Milk, 2% milk, and Diet Ginger Ale.

TV show: The Mindy Project, Parks and Rec, Boy Meets World, Girls, New Girl, Friday Night Lights, and my forever fav- One Tree Hill

Fruit: I think I would have to say strawberries.

Vegetables: Broccoli. Baby carrots. Corn on the cob. Avocado (although that might be a fruit). 

Store/shop: Target and Walgreen’s are my fav places ever. I also really love grocery stores and the mecca: Costco.

Workout: Since I loathe running, I would say I would rather do core stability stuff. I also like yoga-esque workouts.


"...That doesn't mean I'm not smart and tough and strong."



Potato chip flavor: I am not a huge potato chip fan. I guess I would have to say Wavy Lay’s with cottage cheese to dip them in.


Ice cream flavor: Anything chocolate-peanut buttery. Also, this-


Season: Autumn. Definitely autumn.

Dessert: Everything and anything. I am a big fan of cake (coconut, banana and pumpkin preferably) and fresh out of the oven cookies though. 


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