Senior Year Worries

You guys, I am not ready for my senior year.

I feel like I have lost all of my brain cells this summer and I am going to fail miserably at all of my classes.

What if I don’t pass my senior comps? What if I don’t get As? What if I don’t graduate with honors? Does that make me lesser? Does that mean I’m not exceptionally smart?


Will I be a good MAC president? Will I have enough time to dedicate to it? 


Will  I have enough time to dedicate to myself?


Am I actually going to go abroad?  Can I afford it? Will I be ok? Will I be completely culturally immersed?


What am I going to do after I graduate? Should I stay in school (even though I don’t think I want to)? Would I do well on the GRE? 

Can I find a job after I graduate? Will I like it? Will I be good at it? Where am I going to live? Where will I be in 5 years?


 Am I going to be ok?



As you can see, I am freaking the funk out. I don’t really know how to start tackling these problems, so I guess a good start is to purge all of said problems out on (virtual) paper.


Ugh. When did I even get here? If time keeps moving this fast I am going to vomit.


Any advice would be appreciated. 




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