re-entering the game

Let me preface this by saying I am NOWHERE near ready to even think about dating. I am just not. There is comfort in being single. I can’t get hurt. I only rely on me. I can do that.

Will I want to do that forever though?

I know heartbreak is (unfortunately) an essential part of life. You give your heart to someone and you grow with that person. Sometimes it does not work out, though. That person may not be your person or you are in different places of life or you need to work on yourself a bit. You get through it and you hope that one day, after the pain of the break up has worn off, you will reflect and gain takeaways that will make you better not only in your next relationship but as a person in general; love is a learning experience.

If I am being honest, I think I have learned enough.

I honestly can’t see myself “entering the game” again. Although the positives of a relationship are intense and amazing and wonderful, the negatives are just as strong. Why would someone risk the heartache again? Why put yourself through hell? How do you even rid yourself of the bitter taste in your mouth?

I know that time will probably answer these questions for me, just like “time heals all wounds,” but I am extremely perplexed.

For those who put themselves out there again- I applaud your strength. Go on those dates! I hope this time will be THEE time for you. Me? I think a good pair of sweats and wine are just as kind to me as any boyfriend could ever be.


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