life quotes from T. Swift

First of all,


Hope y’all are celebrating correctly.

I am currently ill. I don’t know how I end up getting sick all of the time when I lead a fairly healthy lifestyle and clean obsessively but oh well. I have been consuming oranges in hopes that I will heal quickly.

Before I fall back asleep for my 15th nap, I just had to share the most amazing, thought-provoking quote I came across. Like every other white 14-22 year old girl in America, yesterday I received the new Taylor Swift album. I am not ashamed. Her lyrics resonate. She gets what it is like to be an independent woman yet a hopeless romantic.

Reading through her foreword, she mentions that for the longest time, she never thought she could find happiness in a world where she is not in love.


I have lived my whole life feeling incomplete, faulty even, if I am not with someone.

But I am learning that that is absolutely ridiculous.

So, I am making it my goal to worry about me. Do what I want. Quit living to be someone that someone else could love.

I am going to breathe and act and be for only my sake.

Wish me luck!


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