Nicholas Sparks Changed Me

True love.

Two words that, depending on your past you either “awww” at or scoff at. A concept that has almost been erased from the minds of human beings due to the world we live in today. Tinder, SnapChat, texting- all of these enemies have pushed true love into hiding, so far hidden that some might argue that it is gone.

I come from a generation that is notorious for instantaneous gratification. We want things and we want them now. We hate waiting. Dating, writing letters, meaningful, face-to-face conversations- too time consuming. The solution? Apps like Tinder and Grindr to show you people you can hook up with in a 5 mile radius; we create things to make “love” more convenient.

I get it. I am so impatient. I hate waiting. I like to be in control and do things when I want to. I hate succumbing to the idea that there is a bigger plan waiting for me because that means my fate is at the hands of someone else. Love is though; it is not at your control. It isn’t something that comes when you want it to. It is something that takes time and patience and faith, everything that goes against today’s mentality.

Sounds rough, right? So difficult and seemingly unattainable that most people settle for  knock-off versions of love because it is there and it is easy. BUT- it isn’t the real thing.

I have been in love and had my heart ripped out. I have been stood up and ignored by guys that I thought liked me. I have been overlooked and passed up. I have seen marriages crumble and end in divorce (my parents’ included). I have seen people stay in relationships out of complacency. Memories that are like flashing lights telling me to STAY AWAY FROM LOVE and retreat to the safety net of hooking up and having no feelings. It is easier and it is safe.

It isn’t love, though.

Now this completely contradicts my realist, independent girl attitude but I am choosing to wait for love. I am choosing to believe that it is out there. Blame it on the numerous romantic comedies I have seen or all of the Nicholas Sparks novels I have read, but I am waiting to find that one person. The person who makes you better. The person who sees that you’re a mess but chooses to stay. The person who lights up for you. The peanut butter to your jelly. Your soul mate. Your one.

I know love is out there. It can be likened to a rare gem, but true love is real. And yes, it is definitely easier and less life-altering and less time-consuming to settle or refuse to think love is fake, but it isn’t nearly as rewarding as being patient and being hopeful.

I am choosing to believe that love and romance and chivalry and kindness are alive and well. I am putting my faith in humanity. It might sound stupid and it might sound girly and it might sound pathetic, but I don’t care. I am romantic and apparently a bit more idealistic than I care to admit, but I am waiting. And once that wait is over and I have found true love, I can assure you that it will all have been worth it.


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