Survey Sunday (part 5?)

Hi all! I am not dead; I have just been leading a verrrryyyy lackluster summer. I don’t start my job until mid-August and am slowly going crazy. There is only so much Scandal a person can watch before  feeling depressed about 1) the political system and 2) not being Olivia Pope.

Besides Netflix and reading and the occasional workout, the high point of my week was seeing Magic Mike XXL. I have decided that the next relationship I enter in must be with a male stripper.

That being said… here is a random survey I found.

Sorry, I am bored.


song that amps me up during a workout- Lately, because I am apparently a pre-pubescent girl, it has been Where Are U Now by the Biebs. That song makes me feel like I could run a marathon, and then half a mile in the song ends and I remember that I am so NOT a runner. But for the .5 miles I feel like a rockstar. Also, if I am being honest, the Biebs got attractive.


way to eat eggs- Poached! I have been digging poached eggs lately. The problem is I can’t poach an egg. Soooooo said male stripper boyfriend needs to also know how to cook and enter my life like yesterday. Cereal ain’t cutting it.

podcast- I am not hipster enough to listen to Podcasts soooo…..

Kind of date- HA. Is this a joke? I HATE dating. It is so awkward, and I feel like I can never really eat when I am on them. So, let’s just pretend that stripper boyfriend and I are like a good 4 months in to a very happy, monogamous relationship. In that case, my ideal date would be him making me making breakfast and sipping coffee. Then, maybe going for a walk and visiting a farmers market. Then, coming back home and watch some TV and take a nap. Then, make some dinner. And then we would go out for ice cream and maybe see some live music or go to a bar to meet some friends. Apparently I like dates to last at least 20 hours. But remember, stripper boyfriend is obsessed with me and wants to spend every waking moment making me happy. I know, I am #blessed.

App- Nothing beats seeing filtered photos of my favorite celebs as well as adorable animals due to the plethora of pet accounts I follow. I am super cool.

Item in my closet- What are real clothes? This has been the summer of workout shorts and sports bras. BUT, soon enough, I will have to look like a respectable human. In that case, I think my most favorite item in my closet is a tie between this black dress my mom got me 2 years ago from Target that accentuates my good parts and hides my bad parts AND my shorteralls. Getting those denim beauties was a dream come true.

Pizza topping- VEGGIES–> mushroom, tomato, green pepper,and onion. I absolutely hate almost all meats on pizza. I will tolerate some grilled chicken or taco meat if I am feeling taco pizza, but veggies are the way to go. It makes me feel so healthy and fit, like I belong in the pages of Self or Shape Magazine ( side note- I am being sarcastic. I know that pizza isn’t healthy…)

Gifts to give and receive- When receiving gifts, I only accept dollar bills (no less than fifties) or diamonds. Totally kidding. I am that girl that keeps every card she gets so I am a big fan of thoughtful, written from the heart cards. I also like coffee mugs and anything polka-dotted/ with a bow on it.

When it comes to giving gifts, I really love giving people cards that say “you’re welcome” because my presence in their life is the greatest gift of all. Usually that pisses people off though, so I like getting them something fancy that I know they will like/need/ and wouldn’t ever buy for them-self. YAY PRESENTS. I LOVE GIVING GIFTS.

Ok, that is the end of the survey.

Now, to watch Scandal and realize that I will never be a cool Gladiator.

It’s fine. I’m fine.

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