day 2 on the new job- a peek into my mind

  1. Why doesn’t the South Shore go all the way to my work and stop right there?
  2. Why are there no good songs on Spotify?
  3. Why are there tolls and why are they so expensive?
  4. Why don’t cars have a built in coffee pot?
  5. Should I try to find a carpool club?
  6. Is every road being worked on?
  7. Ugh, how am I low on gas already?
  8. CURSE YOU LAKE SHORE DRIVE. Why do you suck?
  9. Is that a car on fire?
  10. Why did I leave so early, and am I the first one here?
  11. Do you think they monitor internet usage, cause I needs to check my Facebook?
  12. When will I be able to get an apartment here?
  14. Is it lunch time yet?
  15. OMG will I ever make work friends?
  16. Will I ever make Chicago friends?
  17. Was college the best it is gonna get for me?
  18. What is a liturgy and how hard is it to become Catholic?
  19. Do I need a bible?
  20. Why am I so hungry?
  21. Do you think they regret hiring me?
  22. But for real, how do adults make friends?
  23. What am I going to have for dinner?
  24. Why do I keep having to pee?
  25. When will I stop being nervous?
  26. Did I make the right decision?
  27. Can I live with my mom forever?
  28. How hard is it to collect unemployment?
  29. Should I go to grad school?
  30. How am I going to drive here in the winter?
  31. Lake Shore Drive, are you ever going to get your shit together?
  32. How is tomorrow only Wednesday?
  33. Why is traffic not moving?
  34. Why is the exit reduced to one lane?
  35. How the hell do I only have half a tank of gas?
  36. Why do I have to pay these tolls all over again?
  37. What do my co-workers think of me?
  38. Can I just be a student forever?
  39. Scratch that, can I just stumble upon wealthiness?
  40. Ugh, why are all of these people running along the lakeshore?
  41. When I move here, do I have to become a good runner?
  42. How is it already 5:30 already?
  43. Can I eat a cookie and a piece of cake?
  44. Do I have the energy to work out?
  45. How much time do I have before I need to wake up and do it all over again?
  46. When will this all start to feel normal?

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