30 more years

I just read in the newest edition of Glamour that women suffer from the “U” syndrome. This means that our happiness slowly dips in our 20s and continues to plummet through our 40s (making up the bottom curve of a “U”) and then hits an upswing in your 50s. This scared the shit out of me. As someone who has struggled with finding constant happiness and consistently answers “happy” to the question, what do you want to be when you grow up?, I don’t think waiting another 30 years for happiness is going to work for me.

I get it though. Happiness is so fucking hard. Today was a perfect example of that. I was having a good Monday. My coffee was sweet enough, I was wearing a cute outfit, and had a gift from a thoughtful co-worker waiting in front of my office door when I walked into work. That all changed though after my boss made a snide comment to me in our weekly staff meeting. Most people can shrug off the negativity, but I can’t. One of my biggest flaws is my sensitivity. Her comment made me so worked up that another co-worker asked me if I was ok; I was that physically distraught because someone said something mean to me. And this is why I know I too am a sufferer of the aforementioned “U” syndrome. Because I can be having a great day and encounter one shitty little thing and BOOM, day ruined and happiness depleted to 0%. And then I go to bed and hope that tomorrow will be different. But it never is. Because people are shitty. And life puts you in shitty situations constantly. So, how does one uber sensitive person get over that? How can I not let it affect my life? How can I prevent it from keeping happiness a distant dream for another few decades?

I hate that there are so many sucky people. I hate that I have probably been said sucky person on countless occasions. And I hate that one of my greatest strengths (caring so very much) is also one of my biggest downfalls. The world would be a much better place if we all cared a bit too much, if we all wore our hearts on our sleeves, if we remembered that souls are delicate things, but the chances of everyone becoming hyper-aware to other’s emotions is slim to none. So I am seriously at a loss,

In a world full of crummy situations and rude human beings, how does one sensitive soul find utter happiness in everyday life?







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